I just completed an interview with TT “Mitch” Mitchell for Mitch’s Blog

Reminded me that it was time to talk to you about this easy way to gain access to authors and personalities that can add credibility to you and your book or message.

Mitch is a friend on Facebook and we’ve been talking about buidling our networks and adding value to our online promotions. When he asked if I would do an interview, I said yes. Mitch sent 5 questions in an email, I answered them back and he posted it to his blog.

The whole process took minutes.. but look at the outcome

  1. Mitch got fresh content for his readers
  2. I got a chance to be introduced to people I didn’t know
  3. We both got links to our web sites to attract future readers

You probably already have a blog, so all you need to do is ASK. Connect with the authors and people that you’d like to interview using online social media sites or a blog search for keywords or names you’d like to be associated with.

A email interview for your blog is just one way to create this informative content. You can also record live audio and video, like my Twitter radio show on BlogTalkRadio

Thousands of authors and entrepreneurs have shows now. Guess what? They are all TALK RADIO and need guests. You can invite them to be guests on you show, or just search for shows of like minded people and log into their chat rooms during the show where you can talk to people that are interested in your subject.

When you get there, don’t just post a link to your stuff. That’s like handing our flyers at someone else’s party. Instead, be a resource, answer questions and get to know the host. After the show, send a note and tell them you are available for an interview. (you wlil know if they are interested becuase you just listened to a show)

Can’t be there live? No problem BlogTalkRadio automatically records show for poscast (mp3) listening later. These are great links to refer to in your own blog. Just as I did in this post.

Do you have a show? Tell us about your experience in a comment. If you talk to authors, entrepreneurs or people who want more success in life, let me know. I have clients who are available for intervews, and I might be a good guest for you too.

When we connect, you know that I”ll be posting a link here, on Twitter and other social media.