Every author can benefit from a network online… connecting with their readers, other authors, vendors, media, bloggers and the public online.

Each of us has to set priorities and use or time where we imagine it will be most profitable. That may mean that sometime you have a profile on a popular networking platform and not much more.

But there’s no reason to call attention to your limitations!

how not to use linked in

If you’re too busy to network, don’t call attention to it. In the time it takes to send a spammy email, you can update your profile with a photo and a link to your book’s description page.

Too Busy to Network Online?

There are some things that an author must do themselves. You must be the product known as “the author” (in fact, this supersedes writing and editing) and  you must be the face of the business of being an author.

You can delegate the “public face” part of being an author and let someone else play the part, sit for interviews and network online. Not authentic, and likely thought of with less respect than hiring editing and writing help.

The rest of the business that supports being an author, the part that makes your income and pays the bills can also be delegated to a partner, employee or team.

If you have to choose to let something go, I think that the best thing to keep is being you.