Google Penguin and Google Panda are good for authors

Authors are benefiting from Google Panda and Google Penguin updates.

I was asked about SEO for authors and what strategy to use. Sharing my thoughts on Google Panda here:

“Do press releases have SEO value after Google Panda?”

Anything “for SEO purposes” that you did 3 months ago needs to be retested unless you know you are getting results today.

Panda is NOT a one time change. Google has been opening telling us that both Penguin and Panda are designed to find patterns created by SEO and that there will be changes every month or so from now on. It’s not the end of optimizing, but “SEO” as it’s been done for the past 15 years is a profession like carburetor repair.

Real press releases that get media attention and placement in Google News and authority sites is not “SEO” but wonderful for business. Getting an interview in on an industry site or guest blog post on a high authority blog is better, read more, and a permanent high authority site.

Optimizing for what Google wants is great. Tricking Google is akin to matching your resources up against and army of Phd engineers with billions of dollars of computer power.

If you think you’ve found a new trick, remember, Google knows we’re having this conversation and will adjust to give searchers the best content.

When times get tough. Make great art.