Our friend Dan Janal shared this transcript about author protection.

You can learn from reading this.

Dan Janal on Author Protection from Lies and Scams

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I’ve written a book called “Internet Marketing Confidential” to help authors, speakers and coaches avoid the rip offs online. I’ve been in PR for 30 years and was a daily newspaper editor before that. I handled a lot of high-tech companies. I was on the PR team that launched AOL and was a sysop on CompuServe’s PR and Marketing forum before. So I’m dating myself! I wrote one of the first books about marketing on the Internet back in 1993! So I’ve been online a looong time!

Who can utilize and benefit from Internet marketing?

Really, every small business, as well as speakers, authors, coaches and consultants. We’ve all seen major success stories — look at the success of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” That would never have happened without online marketing and social media.

Why do you think having an Internet marketing strategy is important for authors?

Authors can reach new readers, develop a community with readers who love them, and build ands for characters and companies.

What are your recommendations for authors who don’t know how to start planning their Internet marketing strategy?

That’s a great question. There are lots of possible answers: 1) Authors should determine who their readers are. Then authors need to find out where they hang out — Facebook, blogs, Google+, etc. 2) Authors need to find out what their audiences read: newspapers, blogs, etc. 3) Authors also need to follow reporters who cover their topic by reading their blogs and comments on blogs. 4) Get known. Build relationships. 5) Authors can write press releases and get the word out to reporters as well as readers and people searching on Google. Press releases from authors can rank high on Google. I’ve had great success with PR Newswire. That’s not a plug. It’s fact. 6) Authors should fill out their profile on Amazon. 7) They can also have websites that offer free sample chapters.

How do readers find out what social media accounts their readers are using?

Authors can find groups of readers by going to Google and typing “chick lit blog” or “sci-fi blog” or “business ethics.” Authors can also find readers by searching LinkedIn and Google+. It really is easy to find readers today because so many of them join groups on social media and websites. Some authors have set up fan pages for their books and characters, especially for teen lit. It’s fun to see that! Readers discuss plots and characters — and defend authors against nonfans. It’s great to see!

What advice do you have for authors looking for an Internet marketing expert?

Authors should look for a person who has direct experience with their niche, e.g., travel, kids, or parenting books. Every niche has its own experts, buzzwords and ways of doing things. You want to find someone who has been there, done that. Authors shouldn’t have to pay to teach someone to learn your business. I guess authors could ask for references, but who is going to give a bad reference? Authors can ask their friends for referrals. Who’s done a good job for them? Meet with the person who is going to work with you. The person who sold you might not be the one who does the work. That happens a lot at PR firms. You might get an intern or young staffer. You want to meet that person and make sure she loves your book. And has contacts! You want to make sure her messages will get answered. Personal contacts are golden and well worth the price.