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How This Cheat Sheet Makes Writing Easy

It Keeps Things Simple…

The hardest part about writing is the beginning – when you are faced with a blank page. No matter what your level of experience or skill, how to begin getting words down on paper is… intimidating.

Rather than have to guess, this Writing Cheat Cheat provides a simple, universal framework that you can cut and paste onto any blank page, leaving it far less intimidating.

In short – this is your simple “Step 1” plan for starting any writing project!

It is a UNIVERSAL Cheat Sheet!

From corporate white papers to science fiction to direct response sales copy, this Writing Cheat Sheet can be used to help you easily get started on ANY project that requires words on a page.

Yes, any writing project.

No matter how unique your project is, this template is the ultimate short-cut to getting it started. There are tons of ways to continue once you have gotten some words on the page…

But there is only 1 way to begin. You have to write something, which is where this Writing Cheat Sheet makes starting your first draft fast and easy!

Even A Child Can Use This…

I have been creating content for over 20 years, and I STILL use this template before beginning a new project. The power of it is in its simplicity…

This Writing Cheat Sheet is “Color by numbers” simple. Just fill out the outline and your book or project practically writes itself!

The hardest part about writing is figuring out where to begin, and this cheat sheet is like a treasure map where the first step towards finishing your project is marked with a BIG GIANT “X”!

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