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Will Your Next Book Use Pinch Technology?

Interactive Books Are Getting Better all the time. Sales of eBooks, and book delivered to an e-reader like the Amazon Kindle are skyrocketing, and there is more video uploaded in the time it takes to read this short post than...

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Would you read a book with ads?

With e-reader prices dropping like a stone and major tech players jumping into the book retail business, what room is left for publishers’ profits? The surprising answer: ads. They’re coming soon to a book near you....

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Publish Your Book As An Experience

Publishing is not just pages in a book. You know about ebooks, audio books and programs derived from books using video, multimedia and web technologies. Now let’s rethink the reading/viewing/consuming experience. There are new...

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Remember When Books Used Paper?

I’ve been commenting on the supposed “game changer” iPad device that getting so much press this year. My quip is that it’s not going to be that significant.. that we’ve been seeing dozens of reports of other devices to read book...

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