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Book Marketing Strategist Warren Whitlock and his team helps authors attract more readers, sell books and turn your book into a best seller
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"How To Put Your Book On A  Nationwide Bestseller List."

Do any of these describe you?

I'm looking for more recognition for my book.

I'd like to get more media attention

I need to make more sales.. NOW!

If any of these describe your situation, I know you'll want to read this entire page.

A publisher called the other day...

Her author had spent years honing his expertise in his subject, and more time writing a remarkable book on his topic.

The publisher had invested her time and money in making sure the book was properly edited, printed and placed into distribution. The author did what he could to promote himself and the book. After all, this was his life's work, his future depended on a success.

The book was selling. The reviews were great, but it wasn’t the hit they had hoped for. Both the publisher and author wanted more sales, and didn't want the book do die before it's second printing.

Sound familiar?

This story is repeated thousands of times each week. There are so many books released, most never make it onto book store shelves.

Fortunately, there are some proven methods to jump start book sales


“Warren helped me promote Financial Aerobics to a #1 best seller. If you don't use Warren to promote your book, you might as well buy a lottery ticket because you'd just be taking a chance. Warren knows how to produce bestsellers. He gets results!"


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Richard M. Krawczyk, Ph.D.
a/k/a Dr. Richard - America's Financial Fitness Trainer
Speaker/Consultant/Author of the #1 Bestseller
"Financial Aerobics - How to Get Your Finances into Shape"

The Secret To Becoming A Best Seller

Emerson promised us that the world would beat a path to your door. Trouble is, Emerson lived before the advent of the frenzy of mass media we seen in the past few decades.

The world today demands better mousetraps.. and expects you to fight through the cacophony of marketing messages to get the word out. It's getting harder and more expensive to create the stampede that will beat a path to your door!

Fortunately, we have a secret weapon that will blast through the noise and get you noticed by the people who can that stampeded, beating a path to the bookstores.

Through the technologies of online ordering, ezine and mailing lists, we have successfully set up promotions that compel hundreds or even thousands of readers buy your book in a short period of time. The resulting best selling give a real boost to your sales, acting as a catalyst to attract more attention for booksellers, reviewers and the book buying public.

If you have a book, audio, video or seminar you want people to know about and get them into a frenzy to buy from you then YOU must contact Warren for results."

Don Roach, Author, Car Secrets 101

Will This Work For My Book?

If your book is projected to sell thousands of copies, we assume that you have a large enough audience to do a campaign of this type. (Actually, the smaller the niché, and better the chance of creating a bestseller inside that niché)

However, a word of caution...

The secret is out, and campaigns are being executed now for some large publisher for some very well known authors. We've worked on campaigns with authors like Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul and One Minute Millionaire), Harvey McKay, Stephen R Covey,  Dr. Joe Vitale, and many others. More are planned each day.

The principle and strategic are well proven, however, some of these specific tactics won't work forever. Your best best it to get started right away, with the help of experts who have been involved with many different types of promotion, and can be ready to change course if and when the market shifts.

Will Bestseller Status Change Things?

A good bestseller campaign can add to any book promotion. In conjunction with publicity and other marketing. You will certainly sell more books. However, you can see other indirect results:

  • Bookstore Orders One author I worked with had zero distribution until he hit #3 on Amazon. The bookstore chains called him!
  • Media Recognition Producers light up when they hear "bestselling author"
  • Public Speaking It's true, accomplished authors make twice as much as the average professional speaker.  Event planners prefer to hire popular authors that can use "bestseller" in their bio.
  • Networking The joint venture required to conduct a bestseller campaign will expose you to dozens of other authors who have already been their. This almost always leads to more cross promotion opportunities

  • Foreign Rights International Publishers and Agents watch the best seller list, looking for new material. They'll be looking for you.

  • "Back End" Sales Successful clients tell me that their book is a lead generator for all the other products and services they sell. One reports a minimum of 10 times a book's profits from repeat sales.



    "Thanks for making me a best seller.. I couldn't have done it without your support.. Warren knows book marketing, and is a great guy"

    Keith Cameron Smith, Best-Selling author of
    "The Spiritual Millionaire"

How do you do make me a bestseller?


Your book will be promoted to bestseller status using a proven system which features a variety of integrated marketing strategies, including:

  • Consultations to define the target market for your book so you can get the maximum results from your campaign.

  • Strategic promotion to bestseller status on a national list such as or Barnes & Nobles', timed to give you the highest rankings and recognition.

  • Marketing Action Plan detailing each step, with suggestions on how to integrate your bestseller campaign into other marketing activities.

  • Custom sales web site tailored to promote your book and build your online mailing list.

  • Setup all web hosting, auto-responders, opt-in email list hosting, forms and fulfillment systems. (Three months maintenance included). Easily converted for ongoing sales.

  • Bonus product package that will have customers scrambling to order your book during the campaign.

  • Email campaign sent to opt-in email subscribers with our network of list owners to drive massive book sales during your book's campaign.

  • Press Releases you can use to promote the campaign, and then announce your best selling status. Great for home town publicity, also useful in targeted media.

"Here I am---a survivor of an Amazon Blast execution! What an experience.

"I extend my deepest and most sincere appreciation to you, Warren, for all your guidance, help and caring. I can't begin to express all that you and your continuous support has meant to me these past few months. I can truthfully say that anyone who engages you is getting the very BEST"

Dr. Nell Rodgers
Best Selling Author of Puppet or Puppeteer

Could I do this myself?

The essence of any bestseller campaign is the coordinated effort that gets a group of people to take action quickly.

If you have a large mailing list, and a track record of current and previous book titles, you can set up a campaign and sell more books this way. The question is "is this the best use of your time"

What I can add bring to you is the experience and expertise to get the important details set up quickly, saving you many hours of work and insuring success.

I have some clients that are very capable marketers.. who love working with our campaigns. They tell us it free them to pursue more opportunities doing what they do best.

I Will Make Your Book A Bestseller

Imagine introducing yourself as a bestselling author.

You have a good book. You have distribution in place. You're working on the book signings, public appearances, speaking and media interviews.

Your bestseller campaign will jumpstart your book's marketing. I will take care of the details, no need to worry about technical issues of finding a million people to mail to.

Your book can be a bestseller. Here's what you need to do. Fill out this form so I can do a little background research. I'll contact you to let you know what I can do. There is no cost or obligation for submitting now.

Click here to qualify to be a best seller.


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